Serving up Natural, Grass-fed Beef for nearly 15 years!

When we make decisions about the Burgermaster menu, we do so with our own families in mind, because that method truly reflects how we feel about our customers. Our commitment to serve and care for patrons dictates all of our choices. For that reason, the switch to grass-fed, hormone-and-antibiotic-free beef – made almost 15 years ago – was an easy one. You see, we weren’t trying to follow a trend (although we sure are happy your values align with our values), we just wanted to operate genuinely and make certain our customers felt good, really good, visiting Burgermaster on a regular basis.

When Burgermaster first opened its doors, times and food were simpler. Our earliest customers did not worry about organic vs. non-organic. Food was made naturally and well, and the packing process was trustworthy enough not to warrant conversation. The hustle and demands of our world have changed, but Burgermaster has not wavered on the conviction that high quality is always the right choice when it comes to our restaurants. Then and to this day, our team believes quality and simplicity are often synonymous.

Alex Jensen, founder Phil Jensen’s grandson and now Chief Operating Officer at Burgermaster, explains that “we’re returning food to the way it used to be.” Phil brought his own children to eat at Burgermaster at least once a week. Wanting to find a way to enjoy classic tastes without feeling unhealthy, he worked tirelessly to enhance the menu and improve health and quality over the years. He passed the same iron-clad commitment down to his children and grandchildren – who to this day run the business. The Jensen family still frequents Burgermaster restaurants weekly, and current Burgermaster President Bob Jensen believes “food is medicine, and the food served here will serve our bodies well throughout our lives.”

In the early 2000s, Phil began his research on natural beef. This was an obvious next step for a man on a mission to continuously increase the quality of his ingredients. Grass-fed beef is naturally lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, while being higher in omega 3 acids and antioxidants, so it made sense to transition to such a healthy, delicious product. Over the next couple years, Phil tried several brands and products, but none met his appropriately high standard. In 2004, however, Bob and Bruce Lease, Manager at the University location, first tried Schenk Packing Company’s grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free beef. Upon first bite, they looked at each other and exclaimed, “This burger tastes like steak!” They were sold and have not turned back since. 

Not only was the meat delicious, Schenk’s quality standards were and are entirely on par with those of the Jensen family. From sourcing only the best local grass-fed beef to going above and beyond national standards for testing the beef for contamination, Burgermaster found its perfect match. Schenk Packing Company can trace each of their cows back to the farm it was raised on, and they require all ranchers to certify that all cows only eat grass after they are weaned off of milk. Moreover, once the meat is ground, it can be made into patties and sealed by hand in fewer than five minutes to ensure freshness. Each meticulous step in their process leads to the unmistakable Burgermaster burger taste you know and love.

At Burgermaster we know taste and quality are among countless benefits of natural beef and transparent processing methods. As a company and family, we not only work towards improving the food we serve, we also work to lower our environmental impact. Knowing the exact origin of our beef only helps us take more responsibility for our planet and the animals who live here. At Burgermaster we know that natural food – plain and simple – is real food. We focus on the quality and intention behind our menu above all else. So when you dine with us, trust that we have done the research and heavy lifting, and you are free to just enjoy!